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Monday, March 8, 2010

Co-Op has shitty crappy camera work

Dear Co-Op,

Your great, but why does your camera guy suck? Did he glue his finger to the zoom button and is constantly trying to rip it off?

Co-Op has shitty crappy camera work.

Co-Op is an informative video game podcast that I recently found on the net. Their skits are stupid and their camera man sucks. However, the hosts convey a well though out and easy to understand review and preview of games. They give you a rundown of why the game is appealing. Check them out. It’s like watching actual news about video games without meaningless segments, talking to you X-play. Talking to anyone else on X-play who isn’t Adam or Morgan, you’re meaningless and bringing the show down.

Below is how a scene should be shot using common sense. Below that is how a scene is shot by the retarded cameraman on Co-Op.

Now looking at the credits it’s kind of sad how many camera people there are… jeez over 4 and they couldn’t make episode 104 a decent. Btw I love the set design and the simple edits of showing gameplay the hosts are talking about.

But, cut your terrible camera work! Just pull in smoothly. Your shakes and retarded movements don’t make people sitting in a room talking look cool. I would say make your shots look more professional. Don’t make yourself look like reality television. Best of luck Co-Op.

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