Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Weekly What To Do: LA AX Back, Paint Splashing@Break Room & Rage Ground


Thurs, March 11
7308 Coldwater Canyon Ave
North Hollywood, California (91605)
At this time ALL events are by reservation only 
(no walk-ins) with a maximum of 10 participants. 

Converted into an open air axe throwing facility, you can finally swing to your hears content again. Get some fresh air and fling that thing!

Monday - Friday 4-10PM Saturday 12PM-10PM Sunday 10AM-10PM
We thought we would get an email on it, but the Rage Rooms are up and running in the LA area. You're allowed to smash stuff again and as we've written about before with Break Room LA, we love doing that. In this time I've being cramped inside, why not let it out, by breaking monitors and keyboards?

What's even more colorful is what we wrote about back then, Paint Splashing! What the Heck is that?

"Paint splashing is a creative way of having fun and creating art. All sessions are private. Dress for a mess!! (literally). Complimentary coveralls and shoe booties are available. This activity is great for all ages. Water based paint is used to reduce the use/smell of chemicals. White T's, Canvases, and extra paint is available for additional purchase. The room is equipped with a spinning wheel, brushes, Bluetooth speaker and much more. Create your own authentic art! (Canvases, Shirts and any other items left for drying will be on hold for up to 7 days only) "

So, basically you can throw paint around on yourselves and stuff you bring and even get a nice t-shirt of what happened. Oh, and it all happens with a black light, so, glow-in-dark or go home. And non-toxic and water based means not as deadly as if it took place in the 80's or 90's.

Thursday – Sunday 12 pm – 8 pm
120 E 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States

Though lacking paint splashing you can still smash stuff to smithereens downtown. As written about before, Rage Ground is a fine alternative to LA Break Room. I'd say which one is closer might be how to pick, but it's all up to you and what you want to do. And you could always try both.

Gallery 1988 has two new art shows this Friday