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Monday, March 8, 2021

Door Open Boys! Disneyland Reopening April 1st with Lesser Theme Parks


 Update: While, parks may be able to open starting April Fool's day, Disneyland is waiting till late April. Other parks have not made announcements yet on when they will open.
Hey Ho, the state of Cali-for-nai-A is opening up Disneyland again and Universal and Knott's. And it's suppose to take place on April Fool's Day, but the people in are government don't understand holidays, unless it gives them vacation time. That's a prank day. It's a dumb day to say things are open. Why not just make it April 2nd after waiting months, one day would be fine.
 But wait, there's sadly more.

1. You've got to be a resident of California.
2. 15% capacity in the parks.
3. Limited service, rides, whats open in the parks.
4. Counties and how there dealing with Covid affect entry and if the park gets to open.
And the parks gotta come up with plans on opening themselves.

via /Film