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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Break Room LA Is Back And Has Something New Coming

By Jonathan Bilski

Looking down at tiny people, seated in tiny chairs with their heads arched up at me. Their eyes were on me for answers, perhaps, for hope. There would be none. They did not show signs of fear or dismay. They just looked up. Then, I raised my hand high towards Heaven to give them Hell. And thus, I rained down a crowbar on them and they went flying in all matter of direction. If viewed as a movie, it would have been perfect for slow-mo. I'd look like a weird Godzilla-like monster in a poorly made costume to the viewer with my protective safety gear on. And then I yelled with glee.

"ROOOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRR! Stupid tiny people!" 

And I laughed as rock music played in the background. Smashing is such sweet fun.

Break Room LA is back. And allows for such moments.

Break Room LA
6473 Van Nuys Blvd 
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Walk-in allowed, but best to make an appointment
$25-$200 depending on the activities you wish to do. 
They offer discounts on bundles which include both activities 
and soon will be including all 3 activities.
10+ and up for now

Unfortunately, Break Room doesn't have it's own lot, but does have a ton of street parking and a city lot around the corner. The city lot is free after 5pm and they open at 4pm during the week and on weekends the city lot is free. ALWAYS CHECK SIGNAGE AT CITY LOT.
-Lyft or Uber

For whatever reason on this Break Room excursion the stock had some tiny people to smash. I even kept two tiny people, who weren't utterly destroyed. One is now hidden on a friend's desk and the other on my nightstand, sitting on the base of my lamp. Looking up...until that day...

I did not think of keeping the other debris from my smashing incident. I don't have a place for the leg of a chair, broken ornamental balls and shards of broken glass. All that  might await you there after you let out your anger.

It's a gamble what'll be in stock when you arrive, so you might want to consider the BYOB, Bring Your Own Bundle. If you've got old LEGOs or a broken toaster, beat them with a bat or hammer. Send that cheap electronic can-opener a message to its family, they'll never forget.

Please, pray they have keyboards in. Keyboards are a delight to prey upon. That's also what Steven Munoz, creator and co-owner of Break Room LA says are people's favorites to smash, alongside plates, chairs and computer monitors. Steven an co-owner Brad Potter have done something new with Break Room after Steven sold off his escape room side of the business. Break Room LA's new 10k sq ft location gives room for not only to break rooms, but for the new trend of axe throwing.

Steven was nice enough to let TTDILA visit and try out the new facilities. And we have to say, we really like the new digs. Including, a guest reception that partially looks like a dentist's office to our amusement.

Once you sign a form, pick your bundle/s you'll be in to choose your items to smash and have your protective clothing put on. Don't take off those eye masks!

Then you can axe throw with your Axe Coach. That's really what the person is called who cares for you and your friends when you start tossing those things.

Or you can have more fun lifting up old electronics and throwing them at the floor. Or both.

My time trying to take down a chair was harder than I thought, but with a few friends, probably a lot easier and more fun.

Another part of the move is the inclusion of the much promised Wreck A Vehicle. If you want to spend the big bucks. Yes, you can totally total a car.

Co-Owner Steven Munoz
As, Steven put it,
"Vehicle wrecking is the best! You would think there is only windows to break on a car, but wrong. You can smash the windows, headlights, taillights, bend the doors to the opposite side, tag the vehicles, smash the side view mirrors and much more! Now, question for the audience. Does Break Room LA use the same car again? Of course not! We don't use the same one, every vehicle is a fresh new vehicle that is going to the junk yard but stops by for a visit with us! Vehicles range from 1990 models up to 2014 models. Now with that being said, you may wreck the body of the car and try smashing out what holds the roof of a car! Crazy right!?"
That's not all, as were sharing the news of something different coming to Break Room LA, tentatively titled:

Paint Tossing

Steven explained it as so,

"Break Room LA will soon be opening its newest activity which has been in the works since 2017. The official activity name has not been established yet. What's the activity you may ask? Paint Tossing!! You'll get to toss paint in a room at each other! Plus, it will\ feature glow-in-the-dark colors. How does it work? You can either use our coveralls, bring your own clothing to keep the memory with you or even paint a canvas! We will be providing all the gear needed to keep the activity clean. Who can participate? Anyone over the age of 5. Unlike the rage room or axe throwing, where you must be at least 10 years of age. When, will it be opening? Mid February - March as we are waiting for all the gear to arrive!"
It does remind me a little of Splatoon, but this seems like it's gonna be a free-for-all. Can't wait for it to come out and I definitely will tell ya when you can try it for yourself.

And finally, you can even do Break Room Portables, bringing the Break Room to you. For parties and other social obligations. It would make Bar Mitzvahs a lot more fun.

With all that I have to say you need to try this new location of Break Room LA at least once to fend off Finals Week or just to know the feeling of beating in a microwave with a metal bat.