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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Birdgirl Sequel Series Coming April 4th


What the Hell? Seemingly, out of nowhere we're getting a sequel series to Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law. We're getting Birdgirl premiering April 4th on Adult Swim! We've got a nice fat voice cast and Paget Brewster returns to voice the high strung Birgirl. No word if any of the old cast will return for cameos, but we can hope. Oh, and this story takes place years down the line of the original. Birgirl inherited Phil Ken Sebben's company and has her own superhero team now. It's not the attorney based, making fun of old Hanna-Barbera show you use to know.


It's being produced by Erik Richter , co-creator of the series, but seems to be missing Michael Ouweleen, the other creator.

Here's hoping it can get the charm of the original series.

The last time I heard about the people behind the show was that they were working on a pilot about where people were trying to blow up the moon. Guess that didn't pan out.

The series stars Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) along with the main voice cast that includes Rob Delaney (Catastrophe), Sonia Denis (Set It Up), Kether Donohue (You’re the Worst), John Doman (Blue Valentine), Negin Farsad (3rd Street Blackout), Tony Hale (Veep), and Lorelei Ramirez (Pervert Everything).