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Friday, March 12, 2021

Joshua Tree Adventure: Outside The National Park

Big Josh 

By Jonathan Bilski
Big Josh, wants to meet you!
Now, you city slickers might like Melrose and Beverly Hills, but here, things are a might different. Things altogether are...ah, who am I fool'n. Welcome to the tourist trap right outside the National Park, Joshua Tree. Yes, it not just the park, there's a city on the outside of it. And it has a few things to do and check out.

The giant man who looks like a cowboy is called Big Josh, he's part of a defunct gas station now called "The Station" where you can buy souvenirs and fun retro 60's and 70's knick-knacks.

61943 29 Palms Hwy 
Joshua Tree, Calif 92252 
OPEN:  MON-SUN  10am-5pm
This fun tourist trap we'll have you taking selfies with Big Josh and scouring the store for some memento of heading out that far from home base. You'll want to grab something from this store as it has something you'll need to prove that such a bizarre place even exists.

Not far, you've got Joshua Tree Coffee Company and the Coyote Corner. One is a coffee shop with some tasty stuff to keep you awake while driving. The other is an overpriced gift shop that has all you need for touring the park and having snacks. They have the $25 official National Park Collection Joshua Tree candle, which I have to admit would be a nice gift. Don't forget to ask for a free poster when you check out.

61738 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
Now, strangely enough, the founder and owner of the coffee company was recently killed by the police when he allegedly didn't comply with them and would relinquish his weapon. Read about it here
Joshua Tree Coffee Company owner killed in deputy shooting
Most people find it very sketchy and you still might see a memorial up for the founder.

6535 Park Blvd Joshua Tree, CA 92252  
Hours  Daily: 9am-6pm Weekends: 9am-7pm

Nearby, we have the World Famous Crochet Museum hidden from view. It's surrounded by little boutiques and strange art stores. It's pure tourist trap. If you went here and the International Banana Museum-it's in a whole other direction, well, then people now know how much the pandemic got to you. Sadly, the IBM is closed as of writing this. However, the World Famous Crochet Museum is open, very small and very silly. Grab a pic inside it and check out Art Queen next door.

61855 Highway 62, Joshua Tree, California

this is near the crochet museum

And for those seeking total freedom from what you might call a "museum" or might just be in town for Desert X, there's The Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum.

62975 Blair Ln, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
Open everyday Sunrise-Sunset

Just like the annual art exhibits in the desert, but it's here year round. Yes, Noah Purifoy literally found junk in the desert and made strange and bizarre sculptures. Now, you have ten acres of weird stuff to look at and take pictures of.

Leave when it's night! I don't know if the homeless reclaim it or ghosts steal souls away. But the museum has no one there watching. It simply states it's open at sunrise and closes at sunset.

Inside, you'll see all sorts of strange pieces and stuff you can easily fall over or scratch yourself on. Teenagers and adults can enjoy, but taking small kids is a detriment to their well being. I saw a Mom being her son and I thought, "Woah, what a terrible Mom."

If you left the kids with their grandparents or just don't care about their safety then yeah, it fun to look around.

You might spot something crazy nearby, just remember that it's on private property and if you take one step on it they can blast you away.

 Oh, and if hungry garb a burger at John's Place