Monday, March 29, 2021

What We Found On The Net: Alien Easter Eggs, PEPSI x PEEPS & Razer's Face Mask Was Just A Concept?


Don't forget you can still get Alien Easter Eggs from Walmart. Sadly, you can only get them online and they won't arrive until April 8th at the earliest.

Even hard to find is the PEPSI x PEEPS Marshmallow Cola. You can't get it in any store. You have to win it online. Learn more here.

The Project Hazel face mask that can light up and looks like you're in a dystopian future was just a concept design. We're a bit angry about Razer not making it clear that it was essentially an idea. It seemed very much like a project that was being made. Still no word when it will come out and what price.
They way Razer treats people interested in its products though, is pretty awful. I don't recommenced pre-ordering, whenever that is, but looking for a company making a similar mask or buying a knock-off that's as effective.

via Hyper