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Monday, March 22, 2021

What We Found On The Net Today: Local Flavor, Amoeba, A New Police Trainer Game? & Donuts

 -Keep checking on what theaters are open near you and always judge for yourself if you feel safe enough to go.
Los Toros Mexican Restaurant
21743 Devonshire Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

“The big thing that people asked was ‘What are you going to do when it comes to going to the restroom?’” he recalled while soaking in his original bean dip recipe.

“I do have a funnel that’s connected to me right now so any time I do have to go No. 1, that is connected to a bag that’s attached to my body. For No. 2, that is a different story. We will just have to wait and see.”


Amoeba Hollywood Reopens at new location April 1st

We are happy to announce that Amoeba Hollywood is reopening at our new location at 6200 Hollywood Blvd on Thursday, April 1st! The store will have new temporary hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - 8pm (buy counter open 11am - 7pm).


The line to enter the store will form on Argyle Blvd. Customers who have more than 10 items to sell or trade will line up for the buy counter on Hollywood Blvd. (Customers with 10 items or less to sell will join the main shopping line.)

We will have a special opening day poster designed by L.A. artist Ivan Minsloff as a gift with purchase in-store only on April 1st (while supplies last).

There will also be live t-shirt silk-screening in the courtyard of the El Centro complex on April 1st starting at 11:30am until 4pm featuring the opening day design by Ivan Minsloff and silkscreened on-site by our friends at Family Industries. Customers will pay for their t-shirt at the registers inside Amoeba and then take their voucher outside to the courtyard where Family Industries will silkscreen their commemorative t-shirt. Shirts are $10 and available while supplies last!

 City of Ghosts from Elizabeth Ito from Adventure Time has come out on Netflix and explores a lot of LA. I haven't gotten to watching it yet, but there's a lot of friendly buzz of capturing the city and the people who make it up.

Well, we still have the proposed tram to Dodger Stadium.


DCon or DesignerCon is planning to have a in real-life con later this year at the Anaheim Convention center. It's supposed take place Non 12-14th. It may the only con taking place this year in the LA area. WonderCon is virtual as is Anime Expo this year. Hopefully, things stay open and DCon can take place.

-LAPD Issues Response to ‘Highly Unusual' Five Police Shootings in Four Days

-And, looking on Reddit LA, a lot of street racing is ruining people's lives.  Some of those  morons drove away from a hit and run for a women's death in West Hills. The driver who killed her is in custody, the other racer is a large.

This strange tweet VR comes from Super Punch.


Reminds me of Police Trainer 1 & 2. Doesn't seem like a good use of resources from the LAPD.

Krispy Kreme will give you a free doughnut every day this year — if you've been vaccinated

All you need to show is your vaccination card to redeem your doughnut — a vaccine sticker is not valid. 

And it's not just a one-time offer. Vaccinated individuals can go back every single day and continue getting free doughnuts through all of 2021.

So, you might not get Covid, but you will get diabetes.