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Monday, March 29, 2021

Movie Hype: Comic-Con Thanksgiving? Everything Old Is New & Anime Movie Making Movie


Most of the internet is going, "What the Hell?," with an in-real-life Comic-Con. Comic-Con responded with a, "Eh, it might not even happen." The main reasoning is that it's already the busiest travel weekend in the USA, surprisingly more then even Christmas?
 I've recently though about devoting time to a weekly section that covers reboots, sequels or anything from our past becoming a show or movie. But then, I really could cover anything else.

It sounds utterly strange to have a sequel when one of the faces that came off is dead in the movie...Yeah, that's all it's strange, but Adam Wingard, director of the upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong might be have enough to pull to make a sequel. We're hopping for it being called Body/Off.

It's really great to hear the guys that gave us the sci-fi horror The Endless are gonna be making Moon Knight, they seem perfect from the track record of the films they've made and written.  
Kevin Tong


Another great choice of someone to run a tv show. Sadly, on a service hardly anyone watches. We loved the work of  Kim Jee-Woon on I Saw the Devil a petty revenge thriller that so perfectly shows off the genre of Korea revenge films.

-‘John Wick’ Writer Derek Kolstad Adapting ‘Hellsing’, the Japanese Manga That Reimagines the Dracula Story

Dang, I don't know how the Hell the could pull off Hellsing. Especially as a movie for Amazon? Would it be live-action? Oh, I hope not. 

-PG: Psycho Goreman’: Get a “Hunky Boy Reel Meal Deal” at Ontario’s Lester D’s Reel Diner! [Retro Commercial]
We loved Psycho Goreman, if you haven't seen it, then frig you. It's online and on Blu-ray. This is pure nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 90's and watched Power Rangers and horror movies. But there's so many other nods. It was a treat beyond treats.

And, lastly, check out the trailer for Pompo: The CinĂ©phile, which  goes over the production of making a movie. It's out in Japan in June. Hopefully, we get a dubbed or subbed version soon after.