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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

LA Mag Did A Very Bad Map Of What's Closed Downtown


No, not Unidentified luggage shop!
We keep up to date with the other LA media online and sometimes you can tell when things were rushed or someone didn't try very hard. That's the case for LA Magazines "The Vanishing", duh-duh-DUH! 
Check it out here 
The worst part is that the article says some places are closed permanently, but doesn't indicate which ones? Why even that if you don't have that info. So, some of the places might re-open? Which ones? Put an asterisk near them.
In any case, it's depressing to see what's closed and "possibly" gone forever.
R.I.P.  A Shop Called Quest, you were a cool comic book shop downtown in the worst parking lot ever. Hopefully, your website tells people your closed one day.

A program did the map for the writer, something called Cartifact. The horrible alphabetical numbering system makes a mess of finding similar businesses in the same areas. Like #1 and #31 of food should have been #1 and #2; it's annoying to find things.