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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Some Freedom: Opening Up & Don't Hate Asian People


Good news is things are opening up again.

LAist has a full list for you're perusing.
Some e-mails we've got

The Petersen Automotive Museum is opening back up March 25th
LACMA is reopening April 1st 

Disneyland is set to open April 30th.

Now on to the bitter news. People are hating on Asian people on wide numbers in LA and across the US. I've heard from a friend that the elderly Japanese are worried about walking Little Tokyo. This is a sad state of affairs where some garbage people are attacking them not out of misconceived hate over Covid, but they just like picking on people. I don't know if I can believe in the sheer stupidity that it would take to think any random Asian person is responsible for Covid. No, what this is, is just pure pathetic bullying to feel better than someone else. People coming in sad little gangs to feel big.

If you see anyone bullying or abusing an Asian person call them out on it. Tell them to stop. Take out your phone and start recording them and call the police. Of course, use your best judgement to not get hurt or start a fight, but you'll usually see how cowardly people are once they're on camera or if they know police are on the way. And these people going after Asians are nothing, just cowards.

Pointed by LAist and other LA sites