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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What We Found On The Net Today: Local Eats & News, Movie Hype, Anime & Chromeo


Knott’s Taste of Boysenberry Festival
Select Dates March 5 – May 2
Knott’s Berry Farm, 8039 Beach Blvd., Buena Park
$45* for adults for 5 tastes
$20* for ages 3-11 for 3 tastes

 Guests can catch a taste of the popular springtime Boysenberry Festival, with the all-new Knott’s Taste of Boysenberry Festival. The retail and food event will offer boysenberry-inspired savory bites, sweet treats, and refreshing drinks that can’t be found anywhere else. While the theme park remains closed, the food and merchandise-focused outdoor event offers over 80 boysenberry-infused food and drink items which are included on the event tasting card.
Starts March 4, for select days from March 18 through April 5, 2021
Disney California Adventure Park
1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

A selection of iconic food and beverage items from both Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park will be available for you to enjoy, from churros and the world-famous DOLE Whip to the classic Monte Cristo Sandwich usually found in New Orleans Square. Many items will be served snack-sized, so you can delight in a variety of bites and sips from mid-day through the evening. These guest-favorites will be available at locations around the park, including Smokejumpers Grill, Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, Award Wieners, Cocina Cucamonga to name a few, and six seasonal and creatively themed marketplaces.

Both of these look like terrible dystopian photos that are really used tho promote the events.



-LA's Biggest Garbage Dump Is Now Its Famous Freeways 

And, sadly, the only way the freeways are getting cleaned is because NBC4 I-Team showed it on the news. People on Reddit were complaining that NBC4 didn't speak of the problem stemming from LA's homeless. Maybe, not for that story. But they report on the homeless crisis as you can see below with the Tiny home idea.


Ughh, so no AX or E3 in person this year either it looks like. Laaaaaaaaaaaame!  


 Way of the Househusband comes out April 8 on Netflix. Gotta say, not looking forward to it as much anymore as the trailer animation shows very little animation. And I mean, it looks like they  barely animated the show.

Dang, David Lynch and psychic attacks sounds so cool.

It reminded me of this book coming out in May  Underexposed!: The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made
 For most films, it’s a long, strange road from concept to screen, and sometimes those roads lead to dead ends. In Underexposed! The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made, screenwriter and filmmaker Joshua Hull guides readers through development hell. With humor and reverence, Hull details the speed bumps and roadblocks that kept these films from ever reaching the silver screen. From the misguided and rejected, like Stanley Kubrick’s Lord of the Rings starring the Beatles; to films that changed hands and pulled a U-turn in development, like Steven Spielberg’s planned Oldboy adaptation starring Will Smith; to would-be masterpieces that might still see the light of day, like Guillermo del Toro’s In the Mountains of Madness, Hull discusses plotlines, rumored casting, and more.
To help bring these lost projects to life, 50 artists from around the world, in association with the online art collective PosterSpy, have contributed original posters that accompany each essay and give a glimpse of what might have been. 


Slaxx, the killer jeans movie, is out on Shudder March 18th. Been waiting for this one. And no, the killer doesn't just wear jeans or kills with jeans. The killer is living jeans.

The director of Hardcore Henry is also the director of Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk. I sure didn't ask for the movie, but I'll give it a shot with Ilya Naishuller at the helm out on HBO Max
March 26, 2021.
Chromeo did a short, 5-new song album with songs based on the quarantine.  
"I want to be your Clorox Wipe!"