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Thursday, April 30, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Movie Theaters Are Closed For A While, Lakers Come On, LACMA Fan Fic Art & More

-California Movie Theaters Won’t Reopen For Months, Even as Other States Ease Restrictions

-Lakers return $4.6 million it received from federal loan program designed to help small businesses, ESPN reports 
*careful autoplay

Kaya Design
-Here's a Look at Six Alternate Design Concepts for the LACMA Revamp

We don't even know what to call this type of protest, but a group called Citizens’ Brigade to Save LACMA has come up with 6 alternate designs to the current plans for what LACMA is going to look like when it gets rebuilt. And the current plan for LACMA looks pretty bad. The problem here is that the group has no say on LACMA choosing any of the designs, it's like drawing fan fiction for an art museum. Alternative reality LACMA, if you will. It just shows how many people are against the revamp of the museum looking like a minimalist bicycle route.

-The Invention of Surgery: A History of Modern Medicine: From the Renaissance to the Implant Revolution 

Just saw someone mention this on social media and intrigued us. How did someone decide to cut open someone to fix them? 

 This brand, called Outlaw, is trying to be manly and we gotta say soap that smells like a campfire, whiskey and gunpowder is a many choice. Check out what else they got. Maybe you can smell like cannon balls and lava too.