Friday, April 17, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Getty in Animal Crossing, Phantom Stranger Short & More

-Museum opens up art collection to Animal Crossing fans

You can now easily get the art that hangs in to be in you Animal Crossing game.
New DC Showcase Short with a nice live action beginning shot at Burbank's House of Secrets. Hippies are always scum.

-High-Speed LA-To-Las Vegas Virgin Train Wins $600 Million California Bond Allocation

We're still trying to do trains from LA to Vegas. Kind of worried it doesn't say bullet train or that a Japanese comapny isn't behind it.

-Help Rebuild Han Cholo

A brand/man we've seen at a number of cons had a huge break-in and had also his merch stolen and his own private collection.

-Employees of Closed LA Vegan Restaurant Say Celebrity Owner Moby ‘Left Us All High and Dry’

Looks like Moby's restaurant sucks for other reasons than being vegan.