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Monday, April 13, 2020

Mini Quarantine Kit & 28 Weeks Later Promos

Was looking through some of my old promotional material and found some timely stuff for what's happening now. (coronavirus 2020)

The stuff make me think how advertising would be way different and punk looking if the virus  happened in the late 90's early 2000's.

 First up, a cute kit from Mini, the car company, when it came to America. It's a fake quarantine kit to get out of work to buy and ride one. Even came with a soundboard link (now defunct) to leave a voicemail with sick sound effects.
14 days quarantine, just like your supposed if you think you got the virus

 Next, we have 28 Weeks Later promos, the film is in no way as good as the first film about killer zombies. Eessh, Fox Atomic, the studio that made it, isn't even around anymore.

Update: I forgot the poster for It's A Disaster, an ensemble cast in LA dealing with a deadly gas or virus being released in LA. Oh, and it's friends having brunch. Can't find my snippets of it, but the poster still stands out.