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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kiana Mai's Ash's Mom and Jessie Shipping

We're going over one of our favorite artists, Kiana Mai, recent work, who loves to ship Ash's Mom and Jessie as a couple. Ms. Mai is a story artist over at Disney TV Animation, so, you've probably seen her work on a number of cartoons.

Yeah, we know everyone thinks it should be Prof. Oak, but it's not happening. What is happening is the Pokémon cartoon's Ash Ketchum's Mom and Jessie from Team Rocket our together and in for some crazy family antics. We have no idea why, but it works so well as a sitcom, who cares how it happened. It's just instantly relatable to fans of the cartoon, kind of like Maré Odomo's wonderfully touching Letters to an Absent Father, where Ash's writes to his deadbeat Dad. We even interviewed him about it ages ago. But Maré hasn't done any new Pokémon comics in a while...get back to work you lazy cartoonist. On the other hand it left a void for something even more touching to come into play, this funny shipping.

It's not the only shipping she does.