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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hype: What We Found On The Net Today

Our favorite April Fool's Day parnk on the internet is probably this one, so close to home. Who doesn't want to go to LICKMA, a joint operation from LACMA and The Museum of Ice Cream.

 -The Scoop on LICKMA, a New LACMA and Museum of Ice Cream Collaboration

If you can somehow get it from Walmart, as it's an exclusive there, try the new Mountain Dew Frost Bite. It should have come out in the Summer, but who doesn't want a shark on the label of a drink? It's suppose to have "cool melon" flavor. Whatever that means.

The NerdMelt's legacy game of a theater The Dynasty Typewriter has become an online store called Souvenir Emporium. We dig some of their shirts and gear in the theme of the current goings-on.

SXSW Film Festival 2020 Online sounds like a cool idea. We just don't know the films that'll be
doing it. Amazon Prime is gonna showcase films that didn't get to play at the festival this year for free on their service for ten days some time in the future. That's about all the info as there aren't any other details while writing this. Let's hope for some good movies to get us through this.