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Thursday, April 2, 2020

All Upcoming Animated Series We Care About: Part 2

Let's finish this. But first, that age old wisdom of turning more profit by merchandising. That means turning a video game into a cartoon. And the reaping the rewards on toys and t-shirts. Oh, look it's...

The Cuphead Show
Unknown air date

Based on the video game shooter that itself is based on classic 1930's cartoons comes an animated series on an anthropomorphic cup and Mugman. The original creators are on as producers, and we think some of the folks who worked on the recent Mickey Mouse cartoons for Disney got jobs on it. It looks like Netflix Animation is still hiring a bit of people online, so, who knows when the show is actually coming out. There isn't any footage for it so far, not even a pencil test.

*Some funny facts. If you get hired on the show you usually post a contract of selling your soul to The Devil on social media via what happens in the game. And you create a cupsona, a cup version of yourself to share with the rest of the staff.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands
Two episodes in 2020

Apparently, Adventure Time can never die. This four part, one-our each episode, mini-series takes place after all ten seasons of AT. Each episode revolves around different characters and looks like the boys (Finn & Jake) aren't in it until the last one. We get Beemo, the girls (Marcy and PB) in their own contained episodes.

We're mixed on this, because a lot of the original staff moved on and their names aren't attached to it. Other than returning showrunner Adam Muto, the names we found online don't ring many bells.

We'll give it a shot, but it doesn't look like Pen Ward wasn't even involved. He was doing other stuff it seems.

The Midnight Gospel
April 20

Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time helped co-create this bizarre looking show that takes it's audio from comedian Duncan Trussell's podcast. It's about a wizard that they call a spacecaster who visit dying worlds and interviews people/things on them.

It looks really dumb and lacking a plot, but we'll roll the dice and give it a shot with Pen involved. But let's just say are hopes aren't that high.

City of Ghosts
Unknown air date

This comes from AT alum Elizabeth Ito. It's a kid show about children learning about their city by talking to ghosts. Apparently, it was also explore Ito's childhood about being a Japanese kid growing up in LA. Really, that's all the details.

We'll have to wait for a trailer, but we're on board to see what might be another charming kids cartoon.

Kid Cosmic
Unknown air date

There's pretty much nada on this one other than Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls is behind it. And we give him a lot of leeway. All we know is that it's about a boy with an an imagination who gets superpowers after somehow getting his hands on five cosmic rings. That's it.

There's a lot of other stuff that we didn't mention coming out to streaming. A lot of DC super hero shows are coming to HBO MAX, but WB Animation has done nothing recently to have us care or watch anything they make involving those heroes.

Let's see what these new cartoons can do and hope they keep us happy.