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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

LAMA's New Look

Update: April Fools! This was just a joke LACMA & MOCA did not come together to form LAMA. And if you look at the photo above, we don't think that let Dunkin Donuts be a sponsor.

As we all know LAMA, formerly LACMA & MOCA, have started construction on their new main museum on Wilshire. Above you can see a rendering of the just unveiled easy to access three-story stairs on a side of the building.

But don't forget that LAMA has taken over a big chunk of former MOCA real estate on Grand and taken over the former Colburn School as it went bankrupt. When things are better you should pay a visit to the transformed former music school. Oh jeez, we hope they catch that Dean who was embezzling all that money. Remember she's still at large and was last seen in Micronesia, KTLA reported.

I can't wait to get one of those LAMA Llama plushies. Remember there's gonna be different types based on different artists. What will the Andy Warhol or Picasso Llama's look like?

more info on LAMA when it's different facilities open up

Standard LAMA Llama