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Friday, April 17, 2020

Butt Boy Review: The Reverse of Swallow

Ugh, well, hmmm. This is the movie where a guy sticks things up his butt. It's a slow burn and you'll want there to be incense. Butt Boy is something I wanted to fall in love with for just being over-the-top and strange. I mean the concept is so stupid, it's funny. But, like sitting on the toilet too long, it goes numb.

The main story starts on a man named Chip, played by the director and writer himself (Tyler Cornack). Chip is a sad shmuck with a pregnant wife. We find out he gets pleasure while sticking things up his anus. Eventually, his butt sticking up activity becomes criminal as he does it to living things. Though we don't physically see it occur. We skip ahead a few years and have a Detective Fox played by Tyler Rice, become Chip's AA sponsor. Though Chip is there really to stop, y'know, putting stuff up there. He's still with his wife in what seems to be a terrible marriage with a son. And through one of Chip's reversal acquisitions, Detective Fox is put on the case to find a missing child. Wonder where it went?

What follows is a very unengaging film that would have been better as a short, made itself more of a comedy or some sort of a B-movie/Troma film. There's a number of ways to fix the film, but what we have as a final product could be flushed down the toilet. You could cut the middle of the film and skip ahead to the end to get the weirdest stuff out of it. And there is a lot and what was devised was horrible, but not crazy or funny enough to sit through the rest of the film.

Swallow, a recently released film where a woman derives pleasure by swallowing inanimate objects while early on into her pregnancy has some similarities with Butt Boy. Pleasure and power over others are both seen in the uh, er putting of things that shouldn't go inside of us. We even have some linger shots on items going in. Swallow does a better job. Each film chooses a game piece early on for ingestion/insertion and let's just say when I see a chess piece again, I won't want to play or use a lot of Lysol.

There's some fun gritty camera work, Detective Fox needs to be in a different movie and Tyler Cornack seems to have made some insane movie on a bet, that has gone way too far.

It's not bad enough to be so-bad-it's-good and not artsy enough to have anything behind it. It's just crap.

Butt Boy is on VOD, now.