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Thursday, April 9, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Levi's X Super Mario, The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father & Grind House Board Game

How often are ashes sent in the mail?
This is on the first page of the postage price calculator for USPS.
The Levi's X Super Mario Merch is here and it's out of touch of what's fashionable.

We don't even does this exist and would it be fun to play. The commercial for it, gets slightly surreal/meta. Check out the video at the link product page.
The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father

Everything Epic Games Grind House Board Game 
We like this horror movie themed game as you and a few friends enter a haunted house and take damage, which is shown on your character, when hurt. And if you die you come back as a ghost to bother your friends.

How it's played