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Friday, April 3, 2020

Game Hype: FF7 Remake News, Resident Evil 3, The Devils and the Details & Kingdom Two Crowns

Final Fantasy 7 Remake pre-load starting today. Why, because PSN's download time has gone way slower. PlayStation did it itself, so people don't overburden the network with everyone being home right now.The game comes out April 10th and if you pre-order you get some DLC like a dynamic theme.

Here's the problem though.

It's probably gonna be only part 1, but Square Enix has been extra shady on how far you get in the storywhen the others will come out. Some even suggesting only on the next console. If Square just was more open about everything it wouldn't be a problem. You know exactly what you're getting. The demo does look fun though.

-Resident Evil 3, for some reason not with a Remake attached to the title is out today.

-The Devils and the Details, the first game announced for Jackbox Party Pack 7 has you working on being a good family member. Until you're not. Hey, you are a devil.

-Kingdom Two Crowns
April 28
Pre-order for $9.99 on the 
App Store and pre-register via Google Play

We have a new Kingdom game on the way. We've played both the classic and New Lands version via steam. It's quite the easy to pick up and play time waster. Very simple instructions to build a kindom and then defend it from invaders. This time it's changed up a bit.

"Choose a solo experience, or reign together with a friend in local drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer. In the mobile edition of Kingdom Two Crowns, you can rule the land sitting next to your fellow monarch in classic split-screen, or across from them on opposite sides of your device in the custom mobile tabletop co-op feature."