Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Anime Expo 2018: Don't Do List

Don't forget to have fun at AX this year. With that in mind, with thought we'd point out some stuff you avoid. Some in the literal sense and a lot in the figurative sense. In any case, we're just trying to get you ready for AX.

1.JOJO's Bizarre Escape: The Hotel at Anime Expo!

Now, we wanted to do this too, but realized it's like taking a math test. Sure, there'll be some special merch, but other than that it's more or less writing on a piece of paper. It's not worth $40 or your time. It's from SCRAP, who has done other escape games that we find relatively quite boring. It's not the fun kind of looking around a room, escape room. It's sitting down and figuring out puzzles. Should be sponsored by Kumon Math Centers.

2.L.A. Live Food

Mamma mia, this food sucks! I'm sorry to say, but the food of LA Live is total crap. It's a tourist trap, they know you're stuck and there's nothing else fair priced nearby. Price wise, it's a little strange how much things cost, like cost more than they should. Pricing even in the chain restaurants is a rip-off and well the taste is awful.

Alternatives for food are just to Uber/Lyft or take a long walk to a much better place to get something to eat. Here's places to eat we posted on before.

3.Don't forget, there will be lines

Bring snacks, bring your Switch, 3DS and even your Vita as you will be in a line at some point. There's just no getting around it. AX has not come up with a ticket or wristband system for every panel and event and as such you will stand or sit waiting for something.

We suggest, as scary as it is, striking a conversation with other fans. If they're in the same line as you then the must like the same stuff.

It's not so crazy to  think about bringing portable board and card games.

We hope and pray the WiFi could possibly support Jackbox's Party Packs on Switch or laptop.

4. Don't wait, just buy parking

There are a number of services online like ParkWhiz and Parking Panda to buy your spot ahead of time. There's going to be a lot of wait time searching for a place to park, especially if you're gonna look for a cheaper price. Avoid the hassle and just know where you need to go.

5. Don't forget the app

I can't deny it's useful it's an app with all the info about AX in the palm of your hand. No idea if it'll stay updated with all the latest on schedule changes, but let's hope it can.

6. Don't forget to bathe

One of the greatest problems of AX is the lack of deodorant. So just take a shower and slap on some deodorant each day before AX. It's not complicated. If you do stink, people should be allowed to be make fun of you because you've made a decision as a person not try while surrounded by others. Basically, your as bad as a smoker. And in this city, that makes you garbage...which you kind of smell like if you don't bath and use deodorant.

7. Don't think your phone battery won't die

Your phone's battery will die if you don't charge it or can change it. Yeah, you've go to remember this is a full day for most people and that means you"ll be in line, trying to contact friends, looking on social media about AX and a number of other battery draining situations. It's gonna drain your phone. So partition it out, turn it off if your not using it or set aside time to charge it if you're planning to be there all day. Because you can't call someone to pick you up or meet up if your phone's dead.

Hope this will help you and don't go in being negative. Remember, just enjoy being around so many others who enjoy anime.