Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Japan House Grand Opening August 24th Open To Public August 25th

Japan House is finally having its Grand Opening with a Grand Opening Ceremony on Friday, August 24th and then the next day, Saturday August 25th. Both floors, including a cafe and restaurant, will be open to the public. This is some good news to hear as you know from reading other articles and posts on Things To Do In LA that we love Japanese culture. It's also good to hear, because Japan House has taken a long time to open since we've heard about it and has been in a soft open state since last year.

Basically, Japan House exists to promote the best of Japanese culture. Oddly, it's steering clear of anime, manga & video games so far in what we've seen of the gallery and gift shop. Hopefully, with the expansion we see at least a little nod to some of Japan's media we love so much in the states.

Here's what will be getting listed from the official site:
  • A gallery for local and traveling exhibitions
  • A retail shop with the expertly curated selection of unique Japanese retail products
  • A small cafĂ©
  • An event space hosting a wide variety of programs including seminars and lectures on various issues of mutual interest as well as world-class gastronomy events in partnership with the local community and Japanese organizations
  • A relaxing library lounge where visitors can peruse a well-curated selection of books and digital resources in various categories related to Japan.
  • A restaurant featuring exquisite Japanese cuisine