Tuesday, July 10, 2018

18+ @ AX 2018

*Don't worry the article is safe for work, but a little risque.

We had some laughs at 18+, J-List and Fakku booths at AX this year. These adult themed areas are cut-off from the rest off AX and they card everyone who enters them. It is worth it for the utter looks of amazement as to what new sex toy the Japanese have come up with and the love of hentai for some.

When we entered the 18+ area we did not expect to see what we saw.
You're in front of a live audience
Thank goodness for that man's head blocking the screening
We saw virtually reality porn, specifically the wonderfully titled "Custom Order Maid 3D 2. Sound was on blast and we could hear the gasps of joy and see the orders on screen which were commands "to do what master orders." It came to AX via the platform of Nutaku, which has been around for three years now providing hentai games for consumers. In this game you can mod your maid and  travel to different locations to bang her. Bang her in a variety of ways. And they just announced English edition.

In a audience of onlookers we saw boobs bounce and cream come out on said maids as we all laughed. As you getting it on virtually with a lady should be in private, because it looks like you doing it with an invisible person in real life. It may be for private use, but it's a stupid party game with others around you.

Inside 18+ were a few more booths selling lingerie and a collection of DVD hentai films.

Outside Fakku and J-List were keeping it up at there booths. Fakku had this wonderful gasping wall of ladies for photos never to be shown to your parents or significant other.
J-list was selling a new type of body pillow with legs and an insertable for...reasons. So now you can keep your body pillow "clean."

There was a wide variety of dirty stuff for you to find at AX and they really started to cramp down on who sees it. So there's no going p to a booth anymore and seeing some hentai comics...until your older.