Monday, July 9, 2018

Anime Expo 2018: Artist Alley Sonic Sub-Section

Artist Alley was once again sent down into the under-dwelling. This huge gathering of art for shows that get lazy with the merch or just don't sell enough buttons of Rick & Morty is amazing to just walk through. There's so many references, so many inside jokes and when you see one of that you get, you just laugh and ask, "How much?"

This year Artist Alley was spaced quite well and we haven't heard any complaints about the air-conditioning like in the years past. It did have a lot of people though. Some suggest line management of one direction can move left and the other right down a row. Something needs to happen, because it gets quite slow with everyone moving in different directions. It grows every year and I think it may need to dominate its own hall one day.

All those games, but people are cats

Sonic Sub-section

So much sonic merch, we didn't even get it all in pictures.