Monday, July 9, 2018

Funimation Festival @ AX Sounded Pretty Fun

Well, I just went back through my e-mails to see if I missed news of the Funimation Festival being at AX this year. Nope, they did not tell the press about it directly. I would of shared  that Funimation was doing some real kick ass stuff at the place we told people not to go, LA Live, food rip-off capital of LA. We're seriously not gonna blame anyone, but for the future expos, please e-mail us Funimation. Please just tell us about what your doing at AX other than premieres. Viz, did. Viz sent a schedule.

So for two days, July 6-7, the Funimation Festival was going on at LA Live. They had a rock wall to climb for Attack on Titan, an obstacle course for My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Snow Cones all for free. Even a photo booth and tattoo station for One Piece. The obstacle course and rock wall, if completed, gave you cool prizes like a water canteen for beating the rock wall.

I also hear they gave out free ice cold water. And this was to anyone, not just people with AX badges. Great job Funimation, but please tell the press so we can tell others and try it out for ourselves, because the Funimation booth is kinda of boring. I'll miss you Prince of Slushes. I'll always miss you.