Friday, July 13, 2018

Game Reviews: Awkward, Muddledash & Nippon Marathon

Released for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch $11.99

"At the end of the 1800s, the government declared a global ban on the legendary card game Awkward, due to an increase in bar fights, divorces, and family feuds. It was political correctness gone mad." Or at least that's how the game sells itself. I would call it perfect at breaking up friendships as fights started almost immediately when I played this one with my group of friend on July 4th, in fact all the games in this review que were played then.

How did my friends and I get at each others throat? It wasn't the questions, which can be very naughty or morally confounding, but more of how we thought each other would answer. You get asked a question, however strange it may be you have to answer yes or no. Then your next friend or... former friend is asked how the previous player would answer. And, did this start up fights in my group.

I was playing with about three other players and we got into some "arguments" over what each other would say yeah or nay to. The game also shows much larger results on what others chose. Then you see your compatibility in the form of ancient paintings. I was amazed we didn't get a depiction of Hell.

It's a quirky party game for up to 6 players that might make or break some friendships, perfect for streaming and perfect to start up some intense rivalry in a game night. We'll have to play it more once everyone calms down or with a new group of friends.

Released for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch $5.99

What's happening!!!? I've got to get that present to the party. That's what my friends and I learned fast as we raced to be the first with present in tentacle. Four squids race on slippery and sticky terrains to be the first to deliver a gift between all of them. You"ll race and steal the present from each other as you can knock it out of each others tentacles.

It was such a spectacle of the night as we just put the game in without knowing anything about it and soon enough we were zipping through beautiful colorful mazes, wearing silly hats, which you get to pick at the start of your races and trying to just hold on to one precious present per person.
You don't have to worry about playing the same level twice as this game has got random generating levels per round. Each with their own traps and faults that can slow a squid down.

We had the most zany fun with this one. It's pure and simple play mechanic of just racing with one present is a party-pleaser.

Nippon Marathon
Released for PC (Steam Early Access), coming later to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

I don't know what's happening! Japan, Japan, Japan. What the Hell? Nippon Marathon might have gotten the most laughs of the night as we had little to know understanding of this utterly strange race challenge game. It's like some sort of Japanese game show where you and up to three friends can race through strange environments akin to Japan and then get hit by a fish or fall off a cliff. 

The first time a news reporter asked us to finish a joke it was strange, but when we suddenly had to play slot machines it was still brain melting-ly strange. Yes, those things can happen when racing. Just the random nature of the game of what could be next as you race to a finish line through a sake factory or a supermarket or Japanese town had us laughing are heads off as random people would hit us with poles or Shiba Inu doggos would chase after us. Or if we would just fall off the level.

The controls are a bit to get use to as it seems to be part of the game play not to be that well-coordinated to make it through each level. There are also some power-ups that have to be used sparingly as some can actually hurt you like a watermelon parachute  that got caught on monuments and actually hurt my racer.

The games not done and I just saw the release of  a new mode of bowling with shopping carts and human-sized pins. Oh, and you're character is in the shopping cart?

Another game to play with friends and we can't wait to see finished for full release.

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