Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The James Gunn Re-Hire Petition

Here's a link to the James Gunn Re-Hire Petition to try and get Disney to re-hire him after he was just fired over the weekend. James Gunn is the director and writer of The Guardians of the Galaxy movies and was just about to start shooting the third film. He created the style and feel of the movies and without him the third film will just not be the same.

 If you haven't heard, he was fired by Disney for some stupid and extremely bad jokes he had on Twitter over a decade ago, before he even worked for Disney. This seems utterly unfair as he didn't do anything with his time at Disney and Disney had to have known of his earlier gross work that was at Troma with gross-out and sex humor. This is the same man who from Troma made live action Scooby-Doo movies, so Disney is acting very strange. Out of fear that they could be tied to his tweets before he worked for them they axed him, which is crazy.

And James Gunn himself has even apologized for those tweets, but they were just stupid comments and him trying to be edgy and were just jokes.