Friday, June 30, 2017

See Ya At AX!

Will be covering AX as per usual this year. Check out all our recent updates on AX here. As always praise us if you see us and take out your Switch if you bring it to show us, just kidding, no one brings that thing anywhere.

Below is a re-post from last year on where to eat as almost nothing has changed downtown near the LA Convention Center, which we still consider some of the worst and overpriced food in LA.

Finally, please remember, you do smell, put on some deodorant or perfume and bath everyday you attend. Mints don't hurt either.


As we've written dozens of time before, the food at LA Live is overpriced turd. Did we create a list of how bad each restaurant is? I'm currently asking other staff while writing this, because my hate for this worthless downtown venue is so high. (No! Gary, are you sure? Gary says no.)

Well, let's just say Lawry's Carvery gives you lesser portions than Subway, but charges way more. Yard House might have food that looks good, but some how, some way is tasteless.

To sum it up, no matter how lacking cash or wanting to grab a bite, it's just not worth it at LA Live.

LA Live Eats

Just past LA Live and parking lots are a few places to grab some good eats.


El Cholo

1037 S. Flower Street.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

T: 213.746.7750

Check out the menu and have your mouth water for Mexican food. The food is suppose to be worth the price. The only problem gathered from reviews is the service might be a bit off. If you want to enjoy your food and not regurgitate it come here. Before the next panel take some time and sit down and eat some nachos with real cheese, not some sort of cheap cheese-like sauce.

Original Pantry Cafe
877 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90017

T: 213.972-9279 

If you want that classic diner food then look no further than the Original Pantry Cafe. It does, usually have a line out the door. We recommend the classic ham steak, so tasty and so filling, but there are other classics to chose from, many breakfast based. Breakfast starts at 4am and ends at noon, did we mention they're open all day and night, so if you're seeking refuge and food after that late night panel you have a place to go.

Via Metro, Uber, Lyft or what not you can head to

Grand Central Market

8AM - 10PM
317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013
T: (213) 624-2378

The food haven of downtown, this is a center for all sorts of different foods to try. Chinese, Mexican, Jewish Deli, BBQ, American. It's not just one restaurant it's multiple ones, so there has to be something you'll like. Will it be Wexler's Deli sandwiches, McConnel's ice cream, Eggslut's Gaucho steak. Belcampo's burgers, Horse Thief's bbq. There's just so many delicious choices!

Little Tokyo

4 acres of our own version of Tokyo in LA. In honesty, not the biggest fan of any of the restaurants, though there is a wide selection to choose from and karaoke. My favorite things to do when I get hungry is buy Japanese snack and treats from one of the many Japanese supermarkets nearby. Be prepared to walk a little to the Little Tokyo Galleria, 333 S Alameda St for even more food options and another supermarket. Or start your trip in Little Tokyo there and work your way back to Weller Court and the Village Plaza.

The Metro can take you to so many other places to eat, so double check the restaurants you want to visit and how far there are from a stop.

So remember, LA Live bad, anywhere else good.