Monday, July 16, 2018

Anime Expo 2018: VIZ Media Industry Panel

By Andrew R. Gallardo @ARGTASTIC

The VIZ Media panel had a something to offer for everyone! With Anime, Manga and Games!

All the anime fans that grew up on Sailor Moon have something to look forward to. Sailor Moon the movie will be in theaters on July 28th & 30th and also, August 4th & 6th. Special limited edition posters will be handed out as well! (First come first serve) and as Urian Brown from VIZ stated, "Sailor Moon fans are VERY punctual, so get there early." Be sure not to miss out on this blast from the past!


Have you ever wondered what happens to heroes in the My Hero Academia universe when they don't go into the Academia?
Well if you have these brand new manga series from VIZ explains what happens!
They become VIGILANTES! 

This new manga brings the anti heroes to light. This series takes place 4 years before the main story in the anime. It offers a bigger look at that universe from a different perspective. You can find FREE chapters in the link below.

Special Guest!

A special guest we were delighted by was none other than the creators of RWBY! Animation Director Kerry Shawcross and also Gray Haddock from Rooster Teeth and the voice of Tochwhick.

The creators were asked a few questions- 

Which brought up the age old question;

Q- Is an anime created in America still an anime? 
A- (by Kerry Shawcross) mentioned he doesn't really care what you call it as long as you like it. 

Q- So many people dream of making an anime. What practical advice do you give does dreamers?
A- (by Gray Haddock)  Get Started , Wake up. Get it out of your head! Get all your mistakes out of the way early, so you can learn from it. A rough version out in the world will be more useful to you than just the idea rattling in your head until it's perfect.

Q- What new stuff are you working on? 
A-(by Gray Haddock) New things on what's going on with the world of RWBY , New games.
Also a new anime called gen:LOCK which Michael B. Jordan will be providing the voice.

VIZ is also bringing us a video game. The game is called "The World Next Door" which is said to be manga/anime inspired game. A narrative driven action adventure puzzle game that follows June a rebellious teen trapped in a world inhabited by magical creatures. Coming to PC and Mac.

Coming soon!

As the VIZ panel progressed we were surprised by a very special guest.

None other the Joey the anime man , Popular Youtube content creator. He shared his own view on anime and mangas.

Dead Dead Demon's De De De De Destruction -

In the words of Joey the anime man a synopsis of the anime is, "It's about Aliens that come to Tokyo and these bunch of girls want to go to war with them, but Japan doesn't want to go to war. What happens next? Read the manga to find out!"

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle-

Imagine a damsel in distress story, now if that damsel was causing distress to the demons, because part of her journey to go to sleep is harvesting demons parts to make a cozy blanket or a pillow.

In one case she she's a demon ghost and thinks to herself that would be a really good blanket, but she she doesn't need the head or arms of it, so, she viciously rips them off and goes to sleep. A cute manga about brutally murdering demons and going to sleep. Also, the art is really great. I definitely suggest checking this out.
Check out the free preview - Found on

Junji Ito is back!

The king of horror manga is going to release a collection of horror comics. Smashed is said to contain a few inspired H.P. Lovecraft stories. Be sure to pick this up if you want to have n͚͚͇̦̯̫i͖g̗̥̗ͅh͚t͍̣̯̲̬̰m̭ạ̤̜͓r̖͎̞̥̫͇e͎̗͉̳ͅs̥͙̤͍̹!