Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Enemy Added: The Duke of Donuts

We at TTDILA have enemies. We haven't had a new one in a while and some even died off, rot in Hell, but we've just added our newest enemy to the list, thedukeofdonuts. The duke, not John Wayne, is added to the distinguished list of ghost hunters we hate, as they seem to be our only other enemies at this time, here's looking at you some blog devoted to riding Bird scooters. Check out our enemies in the enemy section.

The Duke of Donuts, real name Ilya Albert, goes around LA trying different donuts. Wearing a ridiculously long Abraham Lincoln hat he reviews and takes photos from Instagram about his adventures. The duke even went on the recent donut quest the city had, which we didn't have the time to complete.

The reason we consider him an enemy is because we had a similar idea of going to businesses in a top hat, but he has already done that. Also, we have not had the ability to cover all the donut news in LA. We missed DTLA Donut Fest and miss out on LA's amazing donuts, because there is just too much to cover and too many carbohydrates for us. So main reason, jealousy.

So dukeofdonuts consider yourself our enemy. If we see you, we"ll knock that top hat right off your head.