Thursday, July 5, 2018

Anime Expo 2018 Update: Premieres at AX & Gundam Live-Action Annouced

-Here's AX Guide to all the anime premieres happening, yeah you"ll want to get in line early. We're looking forward to a few of them.

-Sunrise and Legendary are teaming up to make a Live-Action Gundam movie, so it might be years in the making, but still, if you're gonna go with giant robots, Legendary has a good track record. via ANN

 -If you can't make it to AX or want to see what's going without the smell, check AX by streaming it. Check it out here, Our old friend Xander is hosting throughout the day. You"ll be able to see some of the top panels and see cosplayers passing by their time in-between them.