Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Anime Expo 2018: The Gripes

So, let's just go over the things that sucked so I can end on a positive note for once. I have gone back on what I've reported and usually end these AX reports on what sucked. We'll go over personal problems and then general AX complaints.

There were a few hiccups with line management, on Friday the line was unbearable to get in and forced people to almost go fully around the South Hall. I almost did too, but got in as press dodging what look was just a line that would block the main entrance. I'm not sure of how to fix the problems, but it's crazy to me that the line grew so much just to get pass security.

Checking in and out with the RFID badges seems like a must. I was held up from going inside because I didn't check out with the badge, because I frankly didn't care. It should just scan it. I shouldn't have to tap it if there's security there. Now you can argue that you paid for a pass and the security guards are there to stop illegal entry, but AX wants that date of when you leave and come back. The process is just annoying as someone as to hug their phone to your card and then sort of make them kiss like dolls.

Also, I went to a panel to find it was capped by having too many people. Now the app should be able to update everyone on those issues. It seems like AX isn't using technology to just update people. One volunteer may need to just stay at a work station and send out update on Twitter or the app telling people that panels are full so people can move on.

On what fans are saying you have this post making the rounds on capping the amount of people who come to AX and better line management.

I agree with some of the replies, but I don't think you need to cap the amount of people, you need to have better line management, updates on panels and events and maybe even a system in place like the lottery on who can enjoy a panel. Just tell people way ahead of time if a panel is full by giving out digital tickets. Our badges can be used as said tickets. I see so many people  waiting in line for hours for one panel and that's a waste of their time. We have all this tech, but don't use it and it's a waste.


I don't know what the issue is, but people need places to sit and have human dignity. If you give people chairs, they will sit in them instead of the floor. For the most part there is just nowhere to seat unless viewing a movie or anime or a panel. It's sad to see so many people on the floor. I think AX should really consider renting more chairs or designating more areas to eat and rest with something for people to be seated on.

It just looks like everyone is a strangely dressed hobo on the floor. The current plan was marking area for sitting on the floor with tape, which was just sad.