Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hurricane Harbor Needs Help

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is a fun place to cool off in the long as you aren't in line for food. Back in June, some of the TTDILA crew and myself ventured into the park for fun. We did, up until we tried getting food. I kid you not that it took 2 hours to get some of the worst fries and burgers we've ever tasted.

As friends waited in line stuck, hungry and miserable, I saw no sort of action from the Hurricane Harbor staff to fix the problem of the insane wait times. This was on a weekend day, a Saturday, their busiest day and they didn't open another stand or try help patrons by handing out at least free water. It was a total mess from the management of the park.

There were no other locations to get food without leaving the park and you're not allowed to bring outside food or drink.

From my experience I highly recommend spending your hard-earned cash outside of the park on huge breakfast or brunch, because the only thing you"ll be able to get is overpriced snacks at the gift shop if you want food.

It's not worth it to go there if you have kids , it's just really not worth it. And I say forget Hurricane Harbor if it treats people so badly due to idiotic management and not understanding people will be hungry in a theme park.