Wednesday, June 14, 2017

World 8 Art Show Video Game Wonderland

Last weekend and running this week with E3 is the World 8 Art Show. The first video game tribute art show attributed to this very site you're on, Things To Do In LA and the indie video game store World 8.

Runs from June 10-18
World 8 1057 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone 213-389-5212

First off, big shout out to  the World 8 staff that helped out with setting up and running the show. Thank you Daniel Kim, Jimmy, Stingray, Kat and Edgar. Another big thanks to my friends who helped out: Sky Burchard, John Bartle and Ruth.

On Saturday night, June 10, 2017, World 8 opened up its first art show. A tribute to a wide array of video games. Something that's been in the planning for a while now. Things To Do In LA, which films various skits and Things To Do In Games at the store was behind the show and will hopefully be the starting point of more events that Things To Do In LA creates.
As the show ran that opening night, hundreds of video game fans came to the recently transformed World 8. World 8 had just renovated the store. It created a new section where the art show could take place. It painted its pipes green, hiding the various cables connecting TV's and Internet. It painted the walls inside a bright blue and added a wonderful mural on the bottom of the walls. It's hard to miss the renovated store with it's eye-catching orange sign and orange outer shell while driving down Vermont.

Pieces from various artists are on display including: Ben Chu & Jaimie K, both recent graduates of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Along with them are long time graphics designer for TTDILA, Andrew Gallardo and World 8's own Katrina Corona. We have long time friend of the site, Sky Burchard, sharing two of his amazing pieces as well. And all of whom were in attendance opening night.

Jaimie K Top Right, Top Left Sky Burchard,  Ben Chu below them followed by Andrew Gallardo and Katrina Corona.

Some pieces came as far a England with Scott Balmer's "The World Warrior," depicting a mighty Ryu about to attack from Street Fighter. Other pieces came from close to home with Kyle A.Carrozza's, creator of Mighty Magiswords, "The Simpsons would like there infant back," paying homage to The Simpsons Arcade Game.
The opening reception saw fans clamoring into a celebration with complimentary drinks and snacks provided by World 8 as they discussed the latest news coming from E3 and that darn adorable doge meme piece by Andrew Gallardo. Andrew received a clapping ovation to his arrival at the show.

Later, during the event, the first ever World 8 Art Show Cosplay Contest took place. It was a fierce battle, but in the end it was between @rockusarollus who did a phenomenal Cable from the X-Men, but just couldn't defeat the Demon Hunter from Diablo. They both won prizes of their choosing from the store.
The battle took place in front of World 8's new battle background, perfect for selfies and photos.

As the night went on fans shifted in and out as everyone had a chance to enjoy the show.
I'd like to thank all the participating artists for their hard work and World 8 for making the show possible.

All the pieces from the show are on view this week at World 8 during regular store hours if you would like to see or get something for yourself. While there, you can also get gamer goodies, the latest games and hard to find gamer stuff.