Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Need “Jaws on the Water” in LA

LA gets a lot of fun activities, but we don't have the LA Drafthouse, at least until 2018. Because we're lacking that special theater we're only getting some events from them, mostly at The Regent. Well, The Regent isn't a pool, and it's definitely not an inner tube with fake bite marks.

Out in Texas, "Jaws on the Water" is a series of showings of the Jaws films in lakes. Fan can enjoy seeing Jaws eat people in open water as they chill in it. The novelty of being in water while seeing a shark gobble people up in it, that's just too much fun.

Let's hope when Drafthouse LA opens next year we get some special screenings of shark movies at pools on top of buildings downtown!

via Bloody Disgusting