Thursday, June 15, 2017

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Give It A Chance

The story of a young boy becoming a legendary hero may remind you of Dragon Ball. So it's funny that this cartoon got the same voice actress of young Goku -during Dragon Ball minus the Z- to play its main character and a young hero, K.O., yeah, he's name is Knockout. From the mind of Ian Jones-Quartey, known for his work on Adventure Time and Steven Universe comes a tale of a young hero trying to become a hero in a world filled with heroes. That's a lot of heroes! So many heroes that they actually have a pretty tight-knit community at his local mini-mall, Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

Cartoon Network has release six episodes online, before it's August debut on TV and we're already fighting for it. Not only because of the nostalgia of Dragon Ball. No, because it's just back to fun cartoony animation. There's talking animals and fruits, weird products, and it actually has real off-model imagination behind it and it's building a world to see people kick butt in.

But yeah, there's total homages to Dragon Ball, I mean K.O.'s best friend, a super-powered green alien stockboy is very reminiscent of Piccolo and he's gal pal, who runs the register, Enid, seems to take control like Bulma. By the way they all work in super store, that sells super hero gear. 

We also think we spot the art style of Lamar Abrams and we know Jeremy Polgar's taking credit for the opening cinematic. Both animators we really like from cartoons and comics.

You can check out the series now via Cartoon Network's app or wait for it to come out this August on Cartoon Network.