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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lupin III's Opening & Ending Now Suck

Wow, I'm not sure whose to blame. Toonami or Discotek Media must have screwed up the licensing rights for the opening and closing music for the brand new Lupin III Part 4 that just started airing on Toonami. The new dub has Lupin the Third back at it in Italy, trying to steal everything with the greatest of flare. The flare was reflected in both the Japanese opening and closing to the show, now missing from the Toonami broadcast.

Check out the original versions below. They're both eye-catching and it's a tragedy we get such an ugly remix for the dub.
Oh, jeez, the music got taken off of the only copy of the ending I could find on YouTube, but just look at that animation. It's a shame we don't get these here in the States.