Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Wilshire Grand's Greatest Feature: The Window Urinal In The Sky

The Wilshire Grand just opened to the public last Friday,it's now the tallest building in LA and has special LED lights. But, the feature that's getting the most hits on Reddit/LA might be the window urnials on the 70th floor (unconfirmed if it's the exact floor). Right now there is an observation deck, restaurant and a bar you can travel freely to up top on The Grand. Up there, you can urinate on a clear window urinal for an experience that you probably haven't had before. Looking at the majestic LA skyline and peeing on it. A sensor connected to urinal gets rid of your you-know-what after being "used."

There's no detailsif the windows are fogged/reflective enough on the outside for anyone that high up not see you making tinkle. Our best guess is that a helicopter or anyone with a high-powered lens might be able to grab a photo of you peeing high in LA's sky.

via Reddit