Thursday, June 22, 2017

24-Hour Service For Metro Orange and Silver, Night Life LA & Dog Attack Goes Very Wrong

First up, news for those who don't have cars or don't like using them. We're getting 24-hour service on the Metro Orange and Silver Line starting June 25. Now you don't have to call an Uber a 2am if you're near those lines. For now, this seems like it's permanent.


From the same people who gave us Petal Drop LA and the Griffith Park Teahouse there's Night Life LA (02). Sadly, free tickets are all gone for this special hidden event that takes place at some beach Sat June 24. The new pop-up will feature bioluminescence, when organisms give off their own light, to those lucky enough to have snagged tickets.


The LA Times has a just horrible, horrible story about some LA deputies accidentally killing a teenager while trying to shoot his dog that was about to attack them for a second time.