Monday, June 12, 2017

In Town For E3: Three Musts

Many people from around the country and the world are here and about to attend E3, our big ol' video game convention. We're giving you three musts while your in the LA area to enjoy your time here with all the gaming.

1. Yamashiro's Night Market
1999 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Wed, June 14, 5pm-9pm
Valet at the restaurant or 
park below and use the free shuttle service

Come to the classic Japanese restaurant a few hours before the sun sets and possibly even watch the sunset with that special gamer. There, you'll be surrounded by delicious food vendors, musical entertainment and fancy  high priced items you don't need; maybe just expensive juice.

The food is worth it, I have a found memory of my first dry-aged beef burger. So delecious, I should have had the duck tacos too. Be careful though, the vendors have changed and they may be serving all sorts of other goodies.

When you add the view you'll be stunned at how far you can see all of the city and how far it stretches out. All from another hidden hideout in Hollywood.

If you're still hungry, we do recommend one of LA's most well known restaurants right behind you.

633 West Fifth Street #840, Los Angeles, CA 90071
$19-$25 per person, Skyslide is separate

For an even more amazing view head all the way up to the SkySpace downtown. Get a view from what recently became LA's second tallest building. LA, all of LA will be below your feet in amazing views of all over Los Angeles. See the mountains, see all the way to the convention center and your hotel.

The Skyslide is a glass slide on the outside of the building. It's suppose to be a few seconds of gliding above LA scaring the Hell out of you. It's worth it, just to brag, if you're a bragger.

We recommend avoiding the food up there, it's a tourist trap up there with what they serve and it overpriced crap, like $5 for a small bag of Cheetos. If you have the cash make a reservation for 
71 Above. A restaurant below where you looking over the city that's as high class as as high up it is.

3. Grand Central Market

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Ahhhh, there's just to much to eat here. There's such a huge selection. Do I eat at Eggslut for their runny goodness or eat some beef at Belcampo. Chinese, Mexican and so many other styles to try. It's such a wonderland of places to eat. If you want variety this place has it, so if you're in a big group, you can all get something. Yes, they have stuff for vegans to vegetarians too.

I don't think I've tried every place yet and I've gone there dozens of times.

We recommend just staying on the first floor, the only thing below is the bathrooms and an out of place thrift store. Nothing is really nearby, you can get back on the Metro or  have Uber take you back Convention Center when full.