Sunday, June 4, 2017

LA Can Suck Thanks To The Parking & Homeless

With big events like E3 and AX coming up I thought I would share that LA can suck for a few reasons. Though we have great events and places to visit more than maybe any other city in America we still have problems. The ones I encounter living in LA are as follows and you might encounter when you're here.


You'll probably encounter it no matter where you go while here. And sometimes they can just be naked.

It almost doesn't matter where you are Hollywood or Downtown they both have a huge problem with homelessness. Even the valley has its share. I've witnessed ridiculous events of the homeless causing trouble and spreading garbage on just regular trips to LA.

The last time was Friday night on a trip to The Cinefamily. Fairfax was strewn with homeless looking creepy and messed up. I parked my car on a side street near a man holding a dirty rag just walking in place. I don't mean he was simply asking for spare change it looked as though he was on drugs or mentally ill. It's not the friendliest or safest feelings of parking you car on the street at night with random weirdos about.

Such a great way to start off an anime night at the Cinefamily. 

The other latest incident was when I was downtown at Little Damages soft-serve ice cream, a homeless man was going through the garbage and was just throwing it on the floor. Staff tried to make him stop, but he just kept doing it. Eventually the police came, but as soon as they got there the homeless man somehow got away.

While just trying to work or out for fun it's a terrible feeling to see so many homeless about and as reported by many local new sources it's been rising.

It's a huge problem that the city just throws millions at, but seems to do nothing. Another US city just pays to house their homeless and it's cheaper for them then just putting money into random programs designed to curve it. LA should just do it to.


The majesty of f*ck that is parking in LA.

I'm always wondering where people park for events or how I even find parking.

Let's go back to The Cinefamily anime night. It sold out. I had to park a few blocks away. Where did everyone else park? It has no lot, not even a pay lot, but it was filled to the brim. I missed out anime...

That brings up a lot of points. Many people don't want to even go places because parking is a huge hassle. And I understand, it sucks. You were just driving for an hour an on top of it now you have to find parking?!!

The other option is overpriced valet and pay lots and a lot of them, especially downtown are insanely narrow. They also have no safety for your car. Many times there is no attendant to stop you car from being broken into.

Uber and Lyft are probably used so often because you'll probably pay the same amount sometimes on a paid lot.

Other options are the bus or Metro, but that goes back to the homeless and sketchy people.

I will say in all my trips on the Metro lines I've never had any real problems with anyone, but sometimes a homeless person can be on and can be annoying as Hell.


Downtown outside of your venue sucks. Much to do with the homeless. The area feels like safety got murdered and raped.

The smell of urine, the vagrants on every corner. The crazy people milling about. Hipsters think it's great? Ughh, I've been told by friends that in major cities across America and the world downtown is meant to be a safe place, a place of fun... and it's clean. I can't even fathom that.

LA's downtown has a wide array of stores and places to visit, but to get them you have to go on putrid garbage streets which aren't that safe. It's an embarrassment. City Hall's lawn is filled with homeless people. Grand Park has to deter them enough with constant gaurd traffic so they don't stay. I would call it almost 70's esque putrid to the environment.

You have these wonderful, beautiful architecture buildings and at the bottom of them are ugly jewelry stores and pawn shops. But it's mixed with high fashion, art and bars and restaurants. I just wonder why hipsters aren't stabbed more, there dumb little dogs not killed.

It's like the sick twisted streets of the hideous of Hells New York. LA shouldn't be anything like New York.

So if you visit, just visit smart, because in LA we still need to work on making it a better place.