Monday, June 12, 2017

AX 2017 Ask Armani Exchange People If They're Excitied Too

At the end of the month the LA Convention Center will be filled with otaku, cosplayers and fans of Japan. Why? Anime Expo. Anime Expo is hands down the largest anime convention in North America. A huge show floor to get the latest goodies from Japan and whatever  anime merch you've been looking for. Whatever remaining anime companies that exist in America have their own booths. Panels upon panels of Japanese related weird interests. Premieres, though this year, ehhh, Tokyo Ghoul is not really a big deal. Now, if they were showing Fullmetal Alchemist...but, were just getting the main actor from it, so, at least we have that.

Maid cafe. And if you truly can't stand people and don't understand what a convention is the manga library. Yes, you can finally shut up, sit down and read manga instead of interacting with people.

Bust out the Switch... is something I would say, if there was anything to play on it with others outside. We'll be actively looking for people in line playing it, because we doubt anyone takes it anywhere.

And so many cosplayers. So many photos to take.

AX 2017
June 30- July 4
LA Convention Center
$55 and up

Things going on so far that we know about, because it won't be until two weeks before the event that the schedule goes up

Dragon Ball Super Scavenger Hunt

Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt is a free, live-experience puzzle hunt game based on the hit anime, Dragon Ball Super. Players will explore Anime Expo 2017 to solve puzzles in a story-based scavenger hunt. There will be no time limit, and participants can start, stop, and resume the game anytime during the Exhibit Hall’s open hours.

The game will take players on a whirlwind tour across different locations on the Anime Expo floor – each with their own set of secrets to uncover. Players will not only have the chance to receive exclusive Expo-only prizes, but get an immersive experience to be one of the beloved characters and act in the world of Dragon Ball Super.


So for the now five day event, first day is a preview night, and we recommend going on Thursday or Friday for badge pick-up. That line for badges is a living Hell during regular hours.

Two things

Bathe and put on deodorant, seriously. If we could get a deodorant sponsor we would have given it out away in good health this whole time. We'd have a damn booth and just throw it at people.