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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Movie Hype: Sundance Next Fest Selection and ScreenX

Sundance Next Fest is this August and after announcing it months earlier the schedule finally went up. Next Fest is a small selection of some of the films that were very well liked at Sundance. We get them, plus a musical act and like last year it's at The Theater @ The Ace Hotel.

Sundance Next Fest
Aug 10-13
Theater @ The Ace Hotel
Tickets ($15-$35)

The only one we really would like to see is Bitch +Sleigh Bells. Basically, the story of a housewife so miffed by her awful family she's act like a real bitch, I mean a dog. So now her family has to deal with their Mom being a dog, in mind only. It's not the 80's or 90's where that would have been a real movie.

Well, give it up to CGV for creating a new way of watching movies you have to a least try once. They're the same people behind the 4DX experience at LA Regal Cinemas and in their home country maker a lot of Korean CGI- heavy films. We now have ScreenX, because they thought it was a cool name.

ScreenX is a 270-degree viewing experience, meaning they project the movie on the sidea of the theater too. It's having a panoramic view, you're suppose to feel surrounded by the movie. As you can see in the video it looks a bit strange, but who knows if it actually improves the experience?

CGV Cinemas in Koreatown and Buena Park have the option of it and the screenings are only lasting until the 15th of June. Right now, it only for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie with no future movies up for the same treatment as of writing this.

It's more expensive than your average experience and supposedly only 10% to 15% of the Pirate movie uses the special panoramic feature.

via LAist