Thursday, January 26, 2017

What's La La Land?

What's La La Land? How does it relate to LA? Some of our readers may have been asking that question or the question of why we at TTDILA didn't go out of its way for another Ryan Gosling movie with LA as the backdrop after we recreated Drive and visited all the locations that were in it. Good question.

Our answer; we're doing it now.

If a fan of the movie, here's compiled guides to go everywhere from the film
13 Los Angeles Locations Every 'La La Land' Fan Should Visit
Most Memorable L.A. Locations in 'La La Land'-From Hollywood Reporter
The ultimate 'La La Land' filming location map-LA Curbed

Will we have our own one day? Will it be just set to a different song? Maybe.

For those who don't even know what were writing about let's talk about the movie with a little help from it's imdb page.

Ryan Gosling, star of one of our favorite LA film's, Drive, plays Sebastian a jazz pianist. He meets up with Emma Stone (who I'm not that happy about as a co-star, that voice) who plays Mia in the common role of aspiring actress. They get angry at each other over some road rage and thus begins a romantic, comedy, drama, musical. From the director of Whiplash, Damien Chazelle, comes a movie that wholeheartedly takes in LA and goes to a variety of locations in it and boy does he make them look cleaner and cooler. If you're a resident you know what it's really like.

Why it's being gobbled up by us here in LA is that they really shot the whole thing here too, which was impressive, though whenever you shut down the freeways, we aren't happy.

*We learned from the news blurbs on it that city here actually gives out two passes to film LA's freeways twice a month. So you might have been caught in traffic once because of filming. Thanks, Hollywood.

What we can thank Hollywood for is the upcoming Oscars and the horrible traffic, which we'll give you reminders about and how to avoid next month. As the Oscars are just coming up and the news cycle is going on about it we might mention that the film is up for a few Oscars. A few in the sense it's crazy how many.
It's up for 12 Oscars, quite a nod to the City of Angels. And it has some good odds to win big, that's at least what this article is saying. And that's after winning the most Golden Globes in a single show. The odds are looking like they might win many of those Oscars which include best picture and director. So if you want to be that pretentious friend who says, "How haven't you seen it?," or just want to see a modern musical in LA it's still playing in theaters.