Monday, January 16, 2017

Sailor Moon R Premiere: Flowers, They'll Kill You

Poof! And lo! The confetti did rain down on the fans who came out to the sold our premiere of Sailor Moon R: The Movie! Glamour, fashion and fame came out Friday night, missing the full moon by one day. Instead of having a screening at the Griffith Observatory, Sailor Moon R's North American Premiere happened at glamorous The Theatre at Ace Hotel, its first anime screening. It was a magical night with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts (now called guardians) on the big screen in form of a film from 1993 with the brand new English voice cast.

Before the film started though, those 21+ could grab themselves as Sailor Moon themed cocktail. And though none of them were named after the scouts and looked nothing like anything as cool that comes out of a anime-themed Japanese cafe, they were still special with Swedish fish gummy wands.

Fans could also pre-order the film and other special merch for the premiere.

As the show started we were asked to combine our power and when we did confetti fell from the heavens, which was a great start for the show.

In some strange puzzlement they showed had a Q & A video before the film when the voice actors were there in person and would be joining us after.

A 15-minute recap episode before the film titled Make Up! Sailor Guardians caught up everyone to the Sailor Scouts.

What was a blend of pure 90's nostalgia was the Sailor Moon film itself with a plot so ridiculous about parasitical alien flowers, a love triangle with definite gay undertones and CGI from 1993 was the perfect movie to see with fans of the series. Fans who have already seen the film as it had come out before, just never in theaters. The reason to go out for these anime films is to be there and laugh at seeing Artemis, a cat, use a computer. Nothing quite beats seeing a cat playing with a mouse.

There's just too much Sailor Moon goodness going on! You might have forgotten that no matter how deadly or inanimate an object might be it will be turned into a sexy lady. It wouldn't be Sailor Moon without that cuteness with horrible, horrible death around them.

When you hear how a simple object stops a fight you might just start laughing.

After the restored to HD quality film was shown the voice cast came out 'cept for Mercury's voice actress. Too good for LA? Sick; having a baby? Who cares, you ruined the night. No, we got everybody else from the film. Though the questions might have been very strange and way too intense-there voice actors, just ask them about the movie-it was still a fine closing to the night. Though the voice actress for the killer flower lady has some inner demons she has to...What you got from the overall cast though was their utter celebration of the fans that led them talk like teenage girls and aliens with love issues.

If you missed the premiere don't pout, it'll be screening at the Downtown Independent, supposedly this weekend, no confirmation yet. For newbies to that Independent; it doesn't have it's own dedicated lot, but there should be plenty of paid parking nearby and it's walking distance from Little Tokyo. Get tickets here for LA and around the country.
Sailor Moon cosplayers with voice actors