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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mr. Massagy Review Your A Dirty Controller Aren't You

We all got some new games on Steam this holiday sale season. We could review any that were on sale, but this baby came out over the sale. Oh, baby! This game is dirty! Dirty if you think your controller giving you a massage is dirty.  Just watch the trailer.
Mr. Massagy is a short, but sweet romp into getting massages via your controller after some questionable hook-ups. Like any dating sim...if it came from Japan, you're trying to pick up chick(?) and  you've got think like the girl you're trying to pick up to win them over.

Those girls you can pick up run the gambit of cuties to bad girls to well a cow, a joke on Sailor Moon, most wrong that needs to have its own toy figure and some other strange ladies and condiments.

This game was made for sheer fun with conversations of the strange and it doesn't care much about how dirty to go.

The main goal from your dates is to get rated the highest you can from your potential massager and then have your controller's rumble feature go on your back.

It's a weird game with a great cast and I wish it had more. It promises more DLC dates in the future and I can't wait if that's true.

So try your best to get massaged in Mr. Massagy.

Mr. Massagy
Steam $5.99