Monday, January 2, 2017

Howlin' Ray's Has Long Lines and Tasty Chicken

Is the chicken worth your time to wait in line? Oh yeah!

I got to Howlin' Ray's on a Saturday, the line was long, the crowd was hungry. Soon, the waiting game began. I clicked through my phone for minutes never-ending, a friend came late, he joined me in line for the wait and the promise of good food.

You could read the rest of my time like a log from someone exploring the jungle and recalling being tortured as the line forms around those seating and eating the succulent chicken, smiling and taking pictures. It's a crime to do this to those waiting who have never gotten to sample the food with all the hype behind it. There needs to be a sing saying torture zone.

As the smell stays in your nostrils you start to just hate how long it takes. Some give up 20 minutes in. These are the quitters and no chicken do they deserve.

The wait lingers on like the smell, but after person after person gets their order so do you. If planning on going I do suggest having something that can take up your time while standing.

At the 55 minute mark, yes, it took that long on my experience, I ordered both The Sandwhich, a boneless breast, with coleslaw, the famous comeback sauce & pickles all on a butter bun with The Skinny Jimmy, a boneless breast battered and tasty. I number was given, you wait some more, oddly, not that long. Then grab you food. The head chef thanked me for my purchase and asked me to double high five him, which I promptly did.

We sat down and became the same monsters that tortured us before. We bit in and, "MMMMMMmmm-sssssssoooooo-gooodddd!" The fresh battered taste, no the chicken itself somehow tastes better than your average run-of-the-mill bird. I have no idea, but it is worth the wait. I brought some home for the family, which they of course loved even cold and then later that night still remained a superiority over other leftovers I've eaten. It retained such a fresh taste hours later, it's a wonder.

Now, I was a sucka, because the place is called Howlin' for a reason. You can go to level 10++ on their heat scale. I went with 0, I just had it country style and was later informed mild is fine to really get the spice and a small bit of heat.

My friend who stood the taste of time that is the chicken line took a bite of the 10++ and not only lived, but seemed to not jettison smoke out of his ears like cartoons had taught me. He told me though, he could handle it, so be warned, he could take the spice, I'm not sure about you.

Now the menu isn't that overly complicated you get fried chicken, the spice level you want. You can get the sandwich  or even get a waffle with it. The rest of the stuff on the menu isn't that special, the fries and peach tea are only compliments to the chicken.

Will I ever wait in line again? Only if it's shorter and I doubt that'll happen anytime soon.

Howlin' Ray's is back, it opena tomorrow Jan 3 after it's winter break. The hours do suck for the late-night crowd, so plan on getting there early when you want to wait for it and order more than you need.

Howlin’ Ray’s

Monday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Sunday: 11 AM - 4 PM
Inside Eastside Plaza

727 N Broadway
Ste 128
Los Angeles, CA 90012 

Parking nearby $5 

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