Monday, January 23, 2017

Adventure Time Time: Islands, It's Back

Cheating the system, that's what it is if you want to skip ahead and get Adventure Time: Islands now. Though new episodes are inbound for Adventure Time this week,

you can skip ahead to the mini-series that will drop some of the biggest drama bombs and answers to the series.

Finn, Jake, Beemo and Susan Strogn have set sail on the high seas to find answers about possible still living humans, but they might find something more. What they do find is a bananas adventure for kids and for those a little older a mockery of what awaits humanity...the show can get deep when being about a little boy with a magical talking dog.

Islands is available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play ahead of its
linear premiere. All eight episodes plus exclusive new content including animatics, an art gallery
and song demos will be available on Tuesday, Jan. 24 for the suggested retail price of $14.97.

*This mini-series takes place after current airing episodes 

We've seen the mini-series and there's only so much we can talk about without revealing too many secrets and there are some huge ones. This is a very heavy Finn and Susan arc exploring there total back-stories. So, if you've been waiting, you'll finally have your answers. But, don't ever think they'll come easily and that the story ends here.

 Adventure Time: Islands Premieres with Four-Night Event
Monday, Jan. 30 on Cartoon Network